How to replace the glass on the iPhone, and the display is left intact

Guess the most frequent question that we ask the owners of broken iPhone.

Right. Is it possible to replace the cracked glass on the iPhone, and leave the display intact ? They say it is cheaper.

And there may be two answers. At home – no , not in any way. This idea is doomed to complete failure.

At the same time we received from them photos of the equipment on which this procedure is carried out.

Why replace only the glass on the iPhone so difficult

Because the glass is literally fused into a single unit with the display matrix.

From time immemorial, the iPhone screen module consists of three parts: the glass, the touch panel and the matrix – the part where the picture is displayed.

Until 2010, a thin layer of air remained between the glass with the touch panel and the matrix. Accordingly, replacing broken glass was relatively simple and inexpensive.

The iPhone display module is a one-piece spare. Just because the glass is not removed.

Starting with the iPhone 4, Apple tightly connects all three parts of the display module to each other. Air layer is no more. This was done with good intentions: the picture from the matrix is ​​now as if displayed directly on the glass surface, and the dust does not get there.

But the repair of this part has since become significantly more complicated . If the glass is damaged, it is better to change the entire display module entirely. Removing and replacing the glass is extremely problematic: it is firmly stuck to the matrix, which is incredibly easy to damage.

Glass for iPhone Xs is installed in the frame.

To properly replace the glass on modern iPhone, you need:

▪ Carefully remove broken glass without damaging the matrix.

▪ remove all glass dust from the matrix, frame, and cavities of the case

▪ using special equipment to “stick” a new glass ideally smoothly, without air interlayers.

If the first two points can be handled in “handicraft” conditions, then the last one is almost impossible to repeat at home. The equipment itself is also not easy to get: it costs a lot of money and requires skill.

That is why the replacement of glass on the iPhone is a relatively rare procedure that cannot be trusted to anyone.

However, it still costs less than just replacing the entire display module. The main thing is to go to the SC, which has the right iron and is well-versed in the matter.

How professionally replaced only the glass in the iPhone?

The blue pad in the center of the photo is a separator that heats the display module to remove the glass. It is worth 307.20 United States Dollar


1. The device is opened carefully and unhurriedly, and the loops are disconnected sequentially. This is a very important stage, requiring attention and accuracy. Too sudden movement or incorrect parsing sequence can damage the electronics.

2. The old damaged glass is removed from the heated display module with molybdenum filament, the glue is removed and, if the polarizing film is damaged, it is removed and the new one is glued.

This is also very important and requires care: a sharp movement can damage the display .

If you do not remove the glue completely, there will be bumps and irregularities in the plywood . Yes, and careful removal of the polarizer requires a special device.

In the foreground is an autoclave and a vacuum press for high-quality gluing of displays with two compartments. The upper compartment is a vacuum press designed for gluing displays with glass. Bottom – autoclave, used to remove residual bubbles under pressure using overpressure. It is worth 1,381.50 United States Dollar

3. New glass and display are sent under the press for a good connection, and then in a pressure chamber so that no air bubbles remain.

Both stages are necessary, since if you use only one, there will be bubbles and bumps.

Fast and high-quality glass replacement requires new high-precision equipment and experienced craftsmen , who not only know how to work on it, but also thoroughly know the structure of the iPhone.

It looks like the front glass with a touchscreen for the iPhone X.

By the way, the replacement of glass on the iPhone requires the X b O proc eed accuracy and care when disconnecting the loops (can damage the display), than work with the iPhone 6, 7 and 8.

Metal frame iPhone X must be cut (with plastic in this is not necessary)., this is done by a separate master who is not distracted by other types of repair, which allows you to change glasses on the iPhone faster.

How much is the replacement of glass on the iPhone?

Once clarified with MacPlus , then the prices are given exclusively. To understand the difference, we give the prices for the replacement of glass and for the entire module as a whole.

It is clear that the replacement of the entire module will always be preferable to the replacement of glass. But the difference in price is always in favor of the “minor” repair of the module.

PS What does the iPhone look like after replacing the glass? Are there any drawbacks?

It was / was.

If the procedure is performed correctly , then the difference between such an iPhone and a device with a new module is invisible and with the naked eye, and when used as a whole.

With a “handicraft” repair of the module, however, it will be much worse. The detachment of glass from the frame, the appearance of air bubbles, remnants of glass dust, the leakage of the display, stains and glare on the matrix from the uneven distribution of the new glass – only part of the problem.

It was / was.

By the way, glass replacement has a curious advantage regarding iPhone models with Face ID – iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and XR . True Tone and Face ID functions will continue to work foryou . In case of replacement of the entire module there are no such guarantees .

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