Finland will tighten the rules for issuing Schengen visas for Russians from September 1

For a visa will need to prepare more documents.

The embassy, ​​consulate and representative offices of Finland in Russia from September 1 will require all documents confirming the trip from the Russians who are applying for a Schengen visa. As reported on the website of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, earlier diplomats requested them only in exceptional cases.

Diplomats explain this by saying that Finland brings its visa policy in line with the general rules of the European Union. Now the applicant will have to show the trip plan and tickets, confirm his solvency, as well as submit confirmation of the receiving party. Also, the embassy can take a detailed written travel plan.

Solvency can be proved by a certificate of employment, where the salary is indicated, bank statement for the last three months or documents on the ownership of real estate in Russia. Property owners in the Schengen area must also submit an income statement. If the applicant is a relative of the property owner, he must also provide the relevant documents.

Diplomats promised to publish the necessary lists of documents in Russian and English on all their departmental sites.

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