Apple shares fell due to increased US tax on imports from China

Donald Trump announced a new tax on imports from China.In topic: Accessories will rise in price by 25%, iPhone by 10%. Trump’s to blame again

From September 1, 2019, Americans will raise the tax by 10% for the import of various goods from the Middle Kingdom, totaling $ 300 billion.

The new duties will not affect the previous list of products for which a higher tax rate of 25% is already in force. The list has accessories for smartphones – cables, charging and many other trifles. The new list of products, which will introduce a tax of 10%, is still unknown.

Negotiations on trade continue, and during these negotiations, the US will begin on September 1 to introduce a small additional duty of 10% on the remaining goods and products worth $ 300 billion, which go to our country from China.

– Donald Trump

This tax also touched Apple. Against the background of the announcement, the company’s shares fell by 2.16% ($ 4.61), to $ 206.84 per share.

New duties may adversely affect Apple technology. We are waiting for a possible rise in prices in the autumn. For example, on iPhone 11. [ 9to5 ]

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