Apple has suspended Siri’s quality control program. On it, contractors listened to user requests for an assistant

Earlier, one of the contractors said that employees get sex records and information about drug trafficking.

Apple has suspended Siri’s quality control program, in which third-party companies listen to user requests for voice assistant. This was reported by The Verge with reference to the statement of the company.

An Apple spokesman said that contractors listened for less than 1% of voice requests, and the recordings themselves lasted a few seconds. Specialists did not have access to information about the Apple ID of the user whose request was listened to. They evaluated whether Siri was launched intentionally or by mistake, and monitored whether the assistant responded to the questions asked.

Apple also noted that they will review the Siri quality control program. The company promised to release an update that will allow users to choose for themselves whether they want to send verification requests or not.

At the end of July 2019, one of the contractors told the Guardian that employees often get records with confidential medical information, drug trafficking data, and records of couples who have sex.

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