Alphabet has bypassed Apple and became the “King of Cash”

Company Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google, surpassed Apple in terms of the amount of available cash – $ 117 billion in the second quarter of this year. Apple, in turn, “only” $ 102 billion of liquid reserve. To boast of such a volume of funds is fraught with consequences – shareholders may be asked to use them to repurchase shares or pay dividends.

As noted by The Los Angeles Times, Apple reached a record high in 2017, when the company accumulated $ 163 billion of so-called free cash. Alphabet reserves, by contrast, have only grown over the past, adding over $ 20 billion over the past time.

It is believed that Alphabet prefers to spend money on the development of new markets, rather than payments to shareholders, as Apple usually does. Not everyone perceives such a policy “with a bang.” Analysts believe that it will be more correct to pay shareholders and spend less.

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