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Twitter launched outdoor advertising in New York and San Francisco. These are printed tweets with memes.

They beat the difference Twitter from other social networks.

Twitter has posted an outdoor ad with me me on Twitter in San Francisco and New York. The service printed screenshots of users’ jokes and hung them in the subway and at the stations of public transport.

“I’m on Instagram: I cook and serve beautiful, healthy food. 
I’m on Twitter: I’m naked on a bed, eating a box of eight pieces of fried chicken ” Photo from Twitter by Mikey Martello 

Most tweets are built on the pattern “I’m on Twitter vs. I am in another social network. Meme emphasizes the differences between social networks, and usually in favor of Twitter. In the tweets used for advertising, users describe the social network as a place where you can relax, tell jokes and stop taking yourself so seriously.

In addition, the Twitter profile unsubscribed from everyone, including CEO Jack Dorsey and subscribed to 28 people whose records were used in an advertising campaign. Twitter told The Verge that they used 31 tweets in advertising with the consent of users. Twitter posted ads at least until August 9th.

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