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Craneman, rare animals and difficult shots: the most atypical channels in TikTok

TikTok has gained the reputation of an application in which children and teenagers exercise in lip-glasses, repeat other people’s jokes and come up with 15-second dances. But this is only part of the content in the Chinese social network – moreover, it is not limited to memes , celebrity accounts and brand experiments .


Tower Crane Operator

The crane operator from Tver shows what it is like to work in a small booth at a huge height and manage heavy loads. He often answers subscribers’ questions, for example, about talking with colleagues on the ground, namaz at the workplace, cases of falling concrete specialists, raising gears with food and toilet .

Former flight attendant

Is it possible to open the door of the liner in flight? Is it more dangerous in the tail of the cabin than at the beginning? What is dangerous panic on the flight? Answers can be found on the Internet, but the author of the account does not stop only on them. The former flight attendant of an unnamed airline also gives advice to passengers and compares official wording at a height with how things really are. The author also runs the YouTube channel, but it seems that TikTok was the perfect format for it.


The account is dedicated not to any particular employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but to the work of rescuers in principle. There are frankly little rolls so far, but in those already published it is shown how they are protected bywater from an open flame, how they imitate the collapse of the ceiling in training and how they save a child with a stuck hand.

Locomotive driver

The author tells how to operate a diesel locomotive and an electric locomotive – how to drive forward or backward and how to stop the car. But this is far from everything: there are videos about ventilation when working in the heat, possible malfunctionswhile driving, and sound signals.

Editorial of one of the world’s largest media

The American newspaper The Washington Post has an official account in TikTok. They deal with producer Dave Jorgenson , who easily makes fun of himself: while colleagues investigate serious things, he makes videos for teenage social networks. Other editorial staff are also involved in the commercials, for example, the author, who writes about pop culture and should watch the Kardashian Family show at work .


An American cop follows popular trends in TikTok. But even the most ordinary memes in the commercials contain references to his work. As an example – the video with the “detainee”.


The author shows how to make unusual and useful pieces of furniture and decor from old and unnecessary things. Easel stand Soviet chests of drawers , old chairsand coils from wires found in the woods . This is not the only subject of the account – even the girl shares recipes.

Tire service employee

The girl changes tires for trucks. Not a single word from the author, not a single explanation of what is happening – only an employee of the company and the wheels. Judging by the comments, she attracted subscribers with a simple idea: the outwardly fragile girl does the hard work, which is unusual for many.


Maya Kuchinsky, world champion in flying aerotube from Poland, now leads not only instagram but also TikTok. The account has everything you expect from skydiving – jumping from an airplane and acrobatic exercises before the parachute opens.

Football coach and freestyle

Mo Ali Heidarpur cannot boast of a successful career, but he professionally dealswith other footballers around the world – both with men and with women. His track record includes players from Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Manchester United and other giants. His instagram and TIkTok is a collection of first-class exercises and tricks not only on the field, but also in other places .



The covers played on the kalimba – an African instrument, which is called the “hand piano”. The repertoire is wide: from the song of the protagonist “Secrets of Coco” to Nirvana .

Accordion and violin

Another account with non-standard covers. Almost always in the authors’ arsenal there is only an accordion and a violin, but you can also play “ The Sorcerer ’s Doll ” or the soundtrack from the animated series “Gravity Falls”.

Memes songs

Ryan Bird calls himself a comedic singer. In this role, the artist performed in the show “In America, there are talents,” but then, in 2016, the judges did not miss it further selection. Since then, he grew up in his genre, did not abandon the blog on YouTube, and composed, perhaps, the main song-song for newcomers to TikTok: “Instead of making a lip-sync for someone else’s joke, think up your own, because stealing is not funny” .

Specific humor

TikTok is not able to offer a stand-up level of Louis C. Kay or Stewart Lee, but the format of the sketches here got accustomed better than on Instagram and the long-dead Vine. Among the most popular – a chaotic account trio of friends ( bedheadass ) and joking at the border and not very pleasant topic of theater actor ( alwayssweating).

Perhaps the most ingenious account of this kind, Ross and AJ , is led by professional comedians. These are still sketches, but they are easy to present on stage or on TV.

“English teacher

Some videos from meglouisew are about differences between American and British English. The girl living in the USA does not shoot video lessons, but plays sketches on this topic. In one of the videos, the “teacher” checks the essay, clarifying unknown words, in the other the author draws attention to the pronunciation of the letter “Z”. Her most popular videos are focused on accents.

Tricks and their exposure

The magician does not want to reveal his secrets, but this is done by a critical-minded assistant for him. Virtually every video begins with “magic”, which is then explained on the fingers.


23-year-old Jimba Sands shows not the most familiar stunts: he stumbles on obstacles, rolls over fences, falls from trees and rolls down from slopes. has already talked about him in detail .

Perhaps too high quality for TikTok content

Some bloggers take TikTok very seriously, producing well-made videos with graphics and special effects. One of the most famous examples is vivichow2018 .

Llama and Cougar Life

An 18-year-old girl from the USA shows the llamas and alpacas her family contains. Animals bathe in the pool, mow, ride in the car and get acquainted with the turtle.

Penza residents Sasha and Masha talk about a puma named Messi, bought from the contact zoo. The authors have already become famous on Instagram and YouTube , and now they have adapted the format to TikTok.

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