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Challenges, bloggers and trying to get into a children’s audience: how brands are experimenting with TikTok

TV shows, radio, football clubs and banks come to the social network. One manages to understand the principles of service, while others fail.

More and more companies are starting to master TikTok – a social network with short videos with an audience of users under 25 years old. The interest of brands is that the “generation Z” leaves the old services like Facebook and spends more time in the new ones.

has studied how Western brands manage accounts, what they do to promote, why they make up challenges, and how Russian companies are adopting foreign experience.

Overseas brands

The presence of brands in TikTok is divided into two types – some create accounts, others buy advertising from bloggers. Some combine the first and second. Western companies were among the first who mastered the social network, so many started their own pages.

Some brands duplicate in TikTok publications from their other social networks. So, for example, Red Bull does – the company lays out rollers with sports tricks.@redbull

Most brands, on the contrary, create unique content for TikTok aimed at the audience of the application. Nickelodeon publishes videos with the characters of their shows, which follow the trends of the social network and perform challenges. The Apple Music streaming service account announces new album releases and puts out short interviews with celebrities who are popular with young people. The pages of British radio – iHeartRadio and Capital do the same .@nickelodeon

TikTok also began to use football clubs – Bayern , Real Madrid and Liverpool started their accounts . They post training videos and the best heads, and also follow thesocial network format with short and funny videos.

Brands not only participate in existing flash mobs, but also launch their own for advertising. According to their conditions, you need to record a video for a specific track and publish it in a profile with a hashtag. Usually, companies are attracted to bloggers already known on the platform, because such a video has more chances to get thousands of views and get into the recommendations feed.

In September 2018, Guess was the first to launch a campaign in conjunction with TikTok to advertise a new line of denim clothing. The company has published several videos with the hashtag #InMyDenim , whose characters dressed in Guess under the track “I’m a Mess” by Bibi Rex. Soon, users began to repeat for bloggers, and videos under the hashtag gained more than 30 million views.@guess

In November, the “Evening Show with Jimmy Fallon” account launched #TumbleweedChallenge – users were asked to repeat the show and roll on the ground like a tumbleweed. In just a week, hashtag videos scored 10 million views, and Challenge attracted the maximum number of new users to the app at that time.

Then Fallon launched #SharpieChallenge in honor of No Shave November – it was necessary to throw and catch the marker with one hand, open it and draw a mustache. The director of digital development of the program noted that the idea to create a transfer account belongs to the most leading one.

In March, Calvin Klein posted three commercials with celebrities in the brand’s clothes – Shaun Mendez , Kendall Jenner and A $ AP Rocky, who told one truthful fact about themselves. So the company launched the hashtag #MyCalvins , under which users shared personal confessions. The New York Metropolitan Museum also used the Challenge to promote its account. In May, he offered to participate in the #SaluteToClassics Challenge with the original track and filter. Users had to make a parody of their favorite picture.

However, not everyone can determine their target audience. For example, the British luxury brand Burberry did not manage to launch its own challenge. In the comments they laughed at the company and noted that the teenagers have no money for the company’s products. “It’s sad that you’re trying to move up on the kids’ website, ”said one user. The hashtag really did not take off – there is not a single publication related to the challenge. Users added it to the tags, just to get to the recommendations page.

Russian brands

There are few Russian companies in TikTok, and the accounts of those who managed to register often look weird and cause users “Spanish shame”. At the same time, representative offices of foreign companies are actively using promotion through cooperation with bloggers.

The Sberbank account follows existing challenges, but does not create its own. They shoot strange commercials – in one guy he connects an auto payment to buy seeds from his grandmother, who listens to Kanye West in AirPods. In another, the hero sends the girl 500 rubles to “everything she wanted” through the app, and she rejoices. Not a single video has collected more than one and a half thousand likes – this is considered small by the standards of TikTok.

The authors of the advertising campaign themselves admit that they are “balancing on the verge of absolute zashkvara and brand reputation”. Now in their account the campaign “Transfer to Sberbank” is being held with the original jingle. Sberbank also conducted an ad campaign of the Youth Card with the involvement of bloggers – in the commercials it helped transform the heroes.

The “Your” clothing brand uses TikTok as its product catalog. At first they markedprices, but soon abandoned the idea. The company does not use collaborations with bloggers and does not invent their own challenges. On average, publications receive 50 likes.@tvoe_official

Most companies do not create their own accounts in TikTok, but their Russian representative offices actively cooperate with bloggers. For example, in the autumn of 2018, Huawei gathered 12 bloggers and sent them to the Maldives, where they shot commercials for the Huawei Nova3i smartphone.“Who knows this situation?” @Olgessa

Huawei and most of the others in the Russian segment of TikTok are engaged in the production center “PC”, which works with brands and influenzers in TikTok. For Uber, they launched #UberChallenge , where they offered users to “speed up time” under the track “in the style of Big Baby Tape”.

To advertise the notebook Wreck This Journal, the campaign authors invited blogger artist Elena Sheydlin, who painted the book and played it among the participants of the Challenge.@sheidlina

Other brands that use the service for commerce are Garnier, Fanta, Megafon, Maybelline, Rexona, Yula, Pandao, Picnic. All advertising campaigns are built according to the same scheme: they come up with a challenge, record a jingle, collect bloggers, shoot videos with them, which they then post into their accounts.

Let us follow on the social network the joint challenge of the network “Magnit” and Pepsi, which the companies launched together with Anastasia Ivleeva, gained popularity. To participate you need to dance with a bottle of soda in the store.

In general, brands began to actively use TikTok as a commercial platform, and many realized that it was possible to advertise products for a young audience on the platform, and began to use these opportunities. However, without knowledge of the basics of the social network, companies cannot manage to run successful accounts or challenges.

In Russia, the commercial market in TikTok has not yet developed, but the companies that enter the social network first try to monopolize the situation or at least attract brands that do not want to engage in promotion in the service themselves.

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