Yandex.Drive began testing tracking aggressive driving and blocking access to high- class cars

The algorithm analyzes the past 10 trips, predicts the likelihood of getting into an accident on the 11th and notices the “transfer of steering” to another user.

Carsharing Yandex.Drive began testing an algorithm in St. Petersburg that allows drivers to adjust their driving style. This is reported in the service blog.

The device, which is in every car, reads information from hundreds of sensors, on the basis of which the acceleration and braking model is built for each user over the last 10 trips. The “Drive” algorithm predicts the likelihood of getting into an accident on an 11 trip.

A user whom the algorithm has marked as “aggressive” receives a notification that they have disabled access to high-class cars. After the second warning – the number of available cars from the class “For every day” is reduced.

Then they become quite small. Then the user will only have a couple of models and the last chance to rehabilitate. If this does not affect the improvement of driving style, access to the service is closed forever.

publication Yandex.Drive

“Drive” also tracks the “transfer steering” to another user. The algorithm “notes that a user who has always traveled in one way, suddenly went differently.”

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