Radar will appear in Google Pixel 4

Google is gradually revealing information about the smartphone Pixel 4, which will be released in the fall. A face scanner for unlocking will appear on the phone, as well as a chip for processing signals from the radar, which reads gestures in front of the device display. It is worth noting that for the industry it is rather unusual to talk about the possibilities of a not yet released smartphone directly, and not with hints.

However, earlier the 9to5Google resource told about the integration of the Project Soli technology, the presence of which in Google Pixel 4 is now confirmed. It is she who is responsible for the work of the radar. Using gestures, you can turn off the sound of an incoming call, scroll through songs and, for example, turn off the alarm. The latter function is controversial, as it opens up unprecedented opportunities to sleep through.

Soli is able to understand complex gestures such as clicking fingers, pressing virtual buttons like them.

Similar technologies were previously encountered in Samsung and Motorola smartphones, however, they did not find distribution due to not very efficient operation.

Google Pixel 4 with Soli will not be available everywhere, as the frequency used in the range 57-64 GHz is not everywhere open.

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