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PlayStation will rise in price because of the actions of Trump

PlayStation console will become more expensive if the administration of Donald Trump will continue to introduce higher tariffs for products from China. In spring, the tariffs were raised from 10% to 20% for a volume of $ 200 billion, now it is planned to introduce an additional product for the amount of $ 300 billion. It is assumed that game consoles will be included in the list.

Sony is considering ways to “neutralize” the growth of tariffs, and, probably, the costs will fall on the consumer, reports The Verge with reference to the WSJ. It is noted that the rise in prices is obvious in light of the growth of tariffs, however, Sony states that the final decision was not made.

A possible price increase was reported to the government, warning that a further increase in tariffs would adversely affect the US economy. In June, by the way, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sent a letter to the US Trade Representation, which described potential threats to the country’s economy.

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