IPhone sales are falling, services are growing. Apple has published a report for the 3rd quarter

Apple shared its success for the third fiscal quarter of 2019 with investors.

This year, iPhones sold worse than ever. Their sales for the first time since 2012 brought less than half of the revenue.In subject : Apple again beats records: revenue $ 53.3 billion, 41.3 million sold iPhone

$ 58.3 billion
amounted to company revenue, up 1% from a year earlier

$ 2.18
net income per share, which is 7% less than in 2018

$ 25.9 billion
brought sales of the iPhone, it is less than half of revenue

$ 27.9 billion
brought services, wearable devices, Mac and iPad

Apple earned $ 5.5 billion on services and accessories; in 2018, revenue from them was $ 3.7 billion

$ 11.5 billion
was operating profit for the quarter, before it was higher – $ 12.6 billion

$ 10 billion
was Apple’s net profit; for the same period in 2018, it was $ 11.5 billion

Apple’s revenue for several fiscal quarters

Tim Cook noted separately that revenue from services this year increased by 13%, revenue from Mac sales increased by 11%, and from the iPad – by 8%.

This is “the largest June quarter in history.”

Even in spite of the fact that iPhones have become worse for sale. Now Apple makes money on services. [ Apple ]

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