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Medvedev approved a list of 12 potentially dangerous breeds of dogs. They can not be walked without a muzzle and a leash

The innovation comes into force on January 1, 2020. The list was reduced from 69 points after non-existent breeds were found in it.

North Caucasian dogA snapshot from a 
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Dmitry Medvedev approved a list of 12 dog breeds and their mestizos representing a potential danger to human life and health. The document was published on the website of the Government.

The list was prepared for amendments that prohibit walking of potentially dangerous dogs without a muzzle and leash, regardless of the place of walking. Such animals can be walked in a fenced area belonging to their owner, but only with a warning sign.

The list also includes the breeds used for baiting and aboriginal breeds in which no selection was made for loyalty to humans, and the characteristics of their behavior are not fully understood.quote from the Government publication

The list includes breeds:

  1. akbash;
  2. American bandog;
  3. ambuldog;
  4. Brazilian Bulldog;
  5. bully kutta;
  6. Bulldog Alapakhsky thoroughbred (Otto);
  7. bandog;
  8. wolf-dog hybrids;
  9. wolfcat (wolf hybrid);
  10. gul dog;
  11. Pit Bull Mastiff;
  12. North Caucasian dog.

The Interior Ministry promised to monitor the statistics of dog attacks on people and update this list. Vladimir Urazhevsky , President of the Union of Cynological Organizations of Russia, believes that these are hard-to-manage dogs that require special conditions of upbringing and circulation. The fact that the list is compiled correctly, and consider breeders.

The dogs of the breeds listed are very strong. And in relation to other animals, they can show aggression, and the owner, who has not calculated the strength, most likely will not keep her.

Vladimir UrazhevskyPresident of the Union of Cynological Organizations of Russia

On March 7, the Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted a list of potentially dangerous breeds from 69 points. On March 21, the list was reduced to 13 points, since non-existent breeds were found in the original version, and some names were written with errors or duplicated. Sharpei, Doberman, German and Greek Shepherd were removed from the list.

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