Hackers get data from Equifax’s 143 million US customers

They found out their personal data, credit insurance numbers, and access to credit cards.

The credit bureau Equifax reported that from mid-May to July, hackers obtained the data of almost 143 million of their US customers. Because of this, the company’s shares fell by 6%.

The attackers managed to gain access to the clients’ personal data, their addresses, credit insurance numbers, and sometimes driver’s license numbers. Hackers also got access to credit cards of 209 thousand people, and “certain documents” of another 182 thousand clients.

The bureau noted that customers from other countries were not attacked. The data of corporate clients also did not suffer.

The head of Equifax, Richard Smith (Richard Smith) apologized to customers and promised in the near future to complete the investigation of the incident.

The credit history bureau Equifax was founded in the USA in 1899; it deals with the processing and storage of data on the fulfillment by individuals and legal entities of credit and loan obligations. The total base of the company includes data from credit bureaus from 24 countries

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