Artist Max Otto held a campaign against domestic violence in St. Petersburg metro – hung female braids instead of handrails

“Hold on to them, pull, tear! Do anything with them! ”

Max Otto Snapshot

Artist Max Otto instead of handrails hung braids of female hair in the St. Petersburg metro. He called it an action against domestic violence. About this artist told in Instagram.

Otto believes that many people do not want to admit that violence occurs around them. “It is convenient for them to live in their own world, in which there is no place for other people’s problems. They learned to ignore them, having settled in a vacuum comfort zone, where everything is good, ”the artist added. He stated that all concerned people should seek the adoption of a law on domestic violence.

Spit of female hair instead of handrails is a metaphor of violence, a fight, in which any passenger, if desired, could become a participant and feel like an attacker. I suggested that people make an intuitive choice: grab hold of handrails or not.

Max otto painter

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