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How to help a friend in the army – to make a written encyclopedia of memes that he missed

An unusual way to stay up to date with all relevant jokes without constant access to the Internet.

On July 26, Anton Astafurov , Internet marketing and partner projects at Kanobu, launched a thread dedicated to the experience of serving in a scientific company. In one of the tweets, he mentioned that once friends sent him a notebook with the main memes that he missed. Astafurov told TJ in more detail about an unusual way to keep track of current jokes even without constant access to the Internet.

Anton went into the army in the summer of 2018: he got into a scientific company , where only graduates with a good average score are taken. The Internet in the service was “very limited access”, so for the New Year, Astafurov’s friend, photographer and producer of the 2×2 channel, Alexey Abanin , made a written encyclopedia for him.

Abanin and I work in the media sphere and are somehow connected with SMM, and in this craft it is very important to follow the meme agenda. Of course, when I went to the army, I was upset that all the current memes would pass by me. Lesha volunteered to help and prepare for me a small digest of the second half of 2018.Anton Astafurovmanager of internet marketing and partnership projects “Kanobu”

Each turn of a notebook was a story about a meme. On the right there was a brief description of the joke with an illustration, on the left – examples that help to understand the context of the meme. The collection includes “mouse (krodyo)”, “surprised Pikachu”, “moth and lamp”, “old here?”, As well as other memes relevant at that time.

“It was not possible to draw the memes of the first half of 2019 – a friend worked, and I started a very active period in the service. But all the same, up to the demob I often considered these drawings, they were great cheering, ”Astafurov recalled.

Abanin, in a conversation with , noted that during his visits, he and a friend occasionally had a conversation about what was happening on Twitter. The idea to make a written digest arose from difficulties with an abstract meme about a lion from “Magadascar” with the signature “I p … as”.

It was difficult to explain to him what it means to “I am n … as”, how to use it, so that it would be a topic, and so on. Then there was an idea to make some kind of presentation in order to show everything at once and catch up.

When I collected all the information, I realized that maybe Anton would not have the opportunity to open it, so I decided to make the lamp on paper. So even more interesting. Actually, I took away the memes from my head – everything popular there was gathered from Twitter, I mostly sit there. I did not touch the memes from the conditional “Dvacha” – not much in the subject.

Where I had to draw, I asked my wife Nastya to help. She draws a little bit. It turned out even funnier than if it were just pictures on the computer.Alexey Abaninproducer channel “2×2”

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