A San Francisco runner turns runs into art. He “painted” on the map of the city Fried Kahlo, the sign of Batman and the “Enterprise”

Lenny Mogan chooses routes so that they look like illustrations in run-tracking applications.

Frida Kahlo  Here and hereinafter – screenshots from Lenna Mogan’s Strava and MapMyRun accounts

Since 2015, American runner Lenny Maughan (Lenny Maughan) turns the routes of their runs into art. He carefully paves the way through San Francisco so that they look like pictures on a map. His recent work – a portrait of Frida Kahlo – drew attention to Reddit and in the local media .

The author spent six hours creating an image of the artist, for which he ran 29 miles (about 47 kilometers). For four years, his collection has gathered 54 “patterns” – starting from a simple heart and ending with a complex outline of the “Enterprise”.

Mogan did not think he would become a “runner artist.” But when the tracking runs of the application gained popularity, the runners began to notice pictures in their routes. “Reminds the Rorschach test,” Megan told The Guardian. Then many Strava users began to “draw” the outlines of the penises: “With this, it all started. But I wanted to do something interesting and original. ”

Ship “Enterprise”

Mogan’s first project was the Vulcan greeting from Star Trek. He created a work in memory of Leonard Nimoye, who played the role of Spock. “I just printed a map, drew a hand over Market Street and finished drawing my fingers,” the runner remembered.

Vulcan greeting 

The next image was the TV in the area where they were first sold. Then Mogan conceived a run in the form of a huge sign of Batman: “The longer you run, the more detailed the outline is.”

San Francisco is my canvas. I use the streets as the basis for my work, invent figures, and everything works out. Almost like children who look at the clouds and see in them the outlines of real things.

Lenny Mogan runner

“You do not see the line until you finish your run. It is such a pleasant feeling when you put so much effort and as a result you see what you originally intended, ” Mogan told SF Gate.

“As a child I thought I would become an artist when I grow up. He constantly painted everything, ”Mogan noted. When he was a child, he especially liked the “magic screen”. The toy has something in common with its current works – in both the image must be created using a continuous line.

Mogan has been living in San Francisco for over 20 years, so many of his works are related to his homeland. He ran routes in the shape of the state of California, the hands of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, as well as an ax and a fireman’s helmet in honor of the rescuers who put out forest fires in the region.

State California

However, Mogan said that references to local events are random. His goal is to create images that are accessible to all: “This is such a way to make your streets.”

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