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Best memes and viral videos of july

Today, in a collection of memes, we will communicate with time travelers, look at Daviditch’s squats and the reaction of social networks, and also ponostalgia over the buns. The traditional collection of memes of the end of the month is declared open. Let the vacation month of midsummer was a bit lazy, but they found in social networks something to laugh.

You just come. At least sometimes

The sad meme … Although, rather, the sad cat in the photo became the meme’s hero about the fact that you should never forget your parents and childhood friends. The cat’s name is Mami, she is from San Francisco, and the original photo was published on Instagram last October. Mami has her face on her, as if she is ready to cry right here and now.

In fact, everything is fine with a cat, just the shape of her eyes and faces always creates such a sad expression. Here, see for yourself.

Dreary cat attracted users of social networks, and they eventually came up with the perfect signature for this picture, and then began to use it for other nostalgic memories.

Davidych crouches

In May of this year, the popular autobloger Davidovich (Eric Kituashvili) gave an interview to Yuri Dudu. There he, in particular, spoke about what he was doing in the SIZO when he was under investigation in the criminal case of fraud. Every day he answered 300 fan letters, read over 600 books in two years and didn’t forget about physical exercises: 1,500 push-ups, 1,200 squats and 3,000 press twists. And all this without stopping.

To repeat the feat Davidycha took athletes bloggers. Knowing the build of the autoblogger, these guys dared to suggest that he did exercises with a small amplitude. Allegedly, it was the only way for such a heavy person to theoretically perform this entire set of exercises. Not all were able to repeat his success.

Finally, Davidych himself had to answer for what was said on the air of Dudy. During the live broadcast and for one workout, he tried to do 1,200 squats.

And according to the result in an hour and a half, he still managed to do 1251 squats. Of course, they may not seem convincing to anyone, but the fact remains. During the performance, Davidovich often rested, drank water and just lay on the floor. Naturally, these footage with the rest quickly became viral.

Time traveller

The origin of one of the best memes in recent months is difficult to track, because there are many sources of inspiration and roots in popular culture. The Time Traveler arrives today and asks a question: what year is it now? And based on the answer, it gives out joyful or sad information that a person from 2019 (in some variations from other eras) perceives with genuine shock. For example, it may be information about the Third World War.

The Time Traveler teleports to America: “Hey, you, what year is it?” / 18-year-old healthy guy: “2019” / Time Traveler: “Ah, right before the Third World War” / 18-year-old healthy guy:

Sometimes this meme hints at the involvement of US intelligence agencies in major tragedies: the September 11 terrorist attack or the killing of John F. Kennedy.

Having originated in the western segment of the Internet, over time, the meme became the favorite of public places on VKontakte. Subjectively, he lost a bit of his gloss with migration.

Assault on “Zone 51”

At the end of June, an event called “Storming the“ Area 51 ”appeared on Facebook, they could not stop us all. The event organizers are going to storm the military base, where, according to rumors, there may be aliens or their flying saucers. What is the assault plan? Run very fast, faster than bullets. When the announcement of the event was noticed in the media, it gained viral popularity due to its absurd goal. And memes about the assault on “Zone 51” began to breed in social networks. And almost 2 million people have already announced their participation in the assault. Horrible power!

Of course, the idea looks stupid, but just in case, the US military warned Internet fighters that Zone 51 was a training ground for the Air Force and it’s better not to try to get to the area. The assault is scheduled for September 20th. And in his waiting, you can get acquainted with some memes.

When I burst into “Zone 51” and found my sock there, which disappeared 7 years ago under the bed

When you storm the “Zone 51” and find your father who left you 15 years ago
How I enter the “Area 51” and how I leave it

The boys and I returned from Zone 51.

Bottle cap challenge

A kick with a turn. The crown of many militants became the basis for a new flashmob in social networks, in which many celebrities participated: Jason Staytem, ​​Conor Macgregor, Ryan Reynolds, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and others. The flash mob is to unscrew the cap from the bottle with the help of a combat device, photograph this slow-mo and publish it on social networks. Thousands of ordinary users participated in it. Look at least how effectively this Korean has coped with the task.

And this is how Jason State coped with the task.

But over time, users of social networks became more and more inventive and began to invent non-standard ways of solving the problem with a cap and bottle. For example, a motorcycle wheel or a pistol.


And at the end, as usual, we offer a selection of the most interesting and popular Koubs over the past month.

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