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Unpacking “Mona Lisa” after the end of the Second World War

On Reddit, the heroine of the painting, Leonardo da Vinci, received a “dog” filter and a mustache with a brush.

Original photo in 1945 color

On Reddit for the next photoshop battle, they chose a picture in which the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa” was taken from a secret cache, where it was located during World War II.

In August 1939, the director of the Louvre, Jacques Zhoghard, collected themuseum’s exhibits, including the Mona Lisa, placed them in waterproof boxes and brought them to storage in the Chambord castle in the Loire Valley. Throughout the war, Zhozharu constantly had to organize secret transportation of paintings and even equip temporary shelters with electric heaters in order to preserve fragile works of art.

During the war, the canvas was stored in a simple inconspicuous box. June 16, 1945, the painting returned to the Louvre, where they filmed the unpacking process. Since then, “Mona Lisa” left the museum only twice – in 1968 and 1974. Since 2005, she has exhibited in a separate room.

Unpacking “Mona Lisa” in 1945

Users of Reddit presented what the heroine of the picture would look like if it were written by Banksy or Fernando Botero instead of Leonardo da Vinci. Others replaced Mona Lisa with Nicolas Cage, Squidward and Ricardo Milos.

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