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The heat in western Europe broke the temperature record several times over the summer. It disables trains and causes fires.

Weather forecasters warn that it can get even hotter.

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In July, heat came to Western Europe, setting a maximum temperature in a number of countries. Only in one day, July 25, the temperature record in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium was beaten twice, writes The Guardian.

At first, Dutch meteorologists recorded a temperature record in Eindhoven – 39.3 ° C. Then the record was broken several times, and now in the municipality of Gilze-en-Reyen thermometers showed a record of 40.7 ° C, the Royal Meteorological Institute of the Netherlands reported.


On July 25, a record 40.2 ° C was recorded in the Belgian Anglore. But then the Royal Belgian Meteorological Institute (KMI-RMI) declared the temperature at Kleine Brogel airbase to be a record – it reached 40.6 ° C. Forecasters said that there was no such heat in the country since 1833, when they began to measure the temperature.

The German Meteorological Service DWD reports that a temperature of 41.5 ° C is registered in the city of Lingen. This is one degree more than the previous record set on the same day in Heilenkirchen.

British weather forecasters say that the heat in the country may also be a record. According to the BBC, while Essex became the hottest place in the country – the air there warmed up to 33.5 ° C. The highest temperature in England was recorded in August 2003 – 38.5 ° C.


Abnormally high temperatures were recorded in Paris at 42.6 ° C. The previous record – 40.4 ° C – was recorded in July 1947.

The Portuguese authorities warned locals about the threat of forest fires. There was registered the largest fire in a year. A thousand people have practically coped with him, but the authorities are asking to stay alert.

Passengers of the Eurostar train, which failed due to heat Photo by BBC / Kris Hoet

Abnormal heat affects infrastructure. British Railways warned that because of the heat, trains will travel at limited speeds in some areas. Similar measures have been taken on the railways of Germany and France – passengers are advised to postpone trips, if possible. In many rivers, the water level fell, and the German authorities had to ban some of the Danube cruises.

Warn about train disruption in the UK  Network Rail screenshot

The Notre-Dame de Paris, which suffered in April from fire, was threatened by high temperatures, experts fear. The masonry may become too fragile due to the dry air – there is still water absorbed during the fire, and now it evaporates too quickly.

Not only humans, but also animals suffer from the heat. In the Belgian zoo , it was reported that tigers must be fed with frozen chickens, and bears – with watermelons. On the Dutch farm Middelharnis, several hundred pigs died because the heat brought down the ventilation system.

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Authorities across Europe distribute free water to homeless people, put hospitals on high alert and open municipal buildings for anyone looking for shade. Experts remind of the heat of 2003. Then, in France alone , almost 11 thousand people died, due to the high temperature , mostly elderly people.

Because of the heat, Europeans moved closer to the reservoirs, and the police are already registering accidents. British police reported that three people died while swimming in the Thames. Some more were missing – the authorities remind local residents of the strong currents of the rivers and the danger of sudden changes in temperature during bathing.

On Twitter, impressions of hot weather in Europe are shared with the hashtags #heatwave and #hottestdayoftheyear . Users of social networks complain about the heat, explain their love to refrigerators and air conditioners, and joke that the gates to hell have opened on Earth.

If shorts cannot be worn on the hottest day in history, when can I?

My new studio

Weather forecast for Sheffield: “Go to hell, now I live here”

Another glorious sunny deeeaaaaaaaa!

In the subway, however, is also nice and cool.

I don’t want to say that it’s too hot in my room, but two hobbit just threw a ring here

Guys, I understood why it’s so hot outside! The gates to hell have just opened … (Headline: “Boris Johnson became the head of the Conservatives and the Prime Minister”)

Dear Sun and Global Warming … I’ve sweated enough for today and to the very limit I am dehydrated

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