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The director of the remake of “The Lion King” told about the only “real” scene in the film – the landscape of Africa in the introduction

The producer wanted to know if anyone would notice.

Sunrise in Africa Photos from Twitter by John Favreau

Director of the remake of “The Lion King” John Favreau said that in the film there is one scene, shot for real. It turned out that we are talking about the African landscape in the introductory frames of the film.

This is the only real scene in “The Lion King”. There were 1,490 rendered scenes created by animators and computer graphics artists. I hid in one of them what we actually photographed in Africa to see if anyone would notice. This is the very first scene in the film, which begins the “Circle of Life.”

John Favreau

directed by “The Lion King”

A remake of “The Lion King” was launched in cinemas on July 9. The film was created using photo-realistic computer graphics, and mimicry was given to the characters by real actors thanks to the motion capture technology.

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