The British regulator fined RT 200,000 pounds sterling. TV channel found the penalty outrageous

The agency accused the television channel of violating the principles of impartiality.

RT TV channel expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the British media regulator Ofcom on imposing a fine of £ 200,000 for violating the broadcast code. According to the agency, the company violated the principles of impartiality.

Representatives of RT stated that the order was issued before the court decision, and the amount exceeds the fines of other media for more serious violations.

We are outraged that Ofcom appointed us a fine, not waiting for a court decision, which must establish whether Ofcom’s claims to RT are legitimate. In this case, the amount significantly exceeds the fines imposed on other media for such serious violations as hate speech and incitement to violence.

RT Channel

As an example, the TV channel brought a fine of 65 thousand pounds sterling for the TV channel Club TV Limited in November 2016. The plot used stereotypical statements, which can be interpreted as the promotion of anti-Semitism.

On December 20, Ofcom found RT television station guilty of violating broadcast rules. The Office found seven scenes in which the principles of impartiality are allegedly violated. These included programs about the military conflict in Syria and the program about the poisoning of Skripale. RT representatives disagreed with Ofcom’s claims, noting that the agency violated the rights of broadcasters and viewers who have the right to receive information and a variety of opinions.

On June 14, London High Court Judge Clive Lewis allowed RT to challenge Ofcom’s claims in court.

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