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“Sorry, John”: artists turn Garfield’s cat into an infernal creature of lovecraft nightmares

In social networks, the famous character of cartoons and comics are presented in an unusual role.

“I smell you, John.” @Will___burke

In social networks gained popularity redrawn in the spirit of the surrealist horror Garfield. The rethought spooky character became known on Instagram, got a “screen version” in the style of games for the GameBoy and spawned its own subreddit.

In October 2018, horror painter William Burke published a series of images on his instagram about Garfield’s reincarnation as Johnny Burma’s nightmare character.

A similar idea has already been played up in several fan works, but has not gained much popularity, and was forgotten until recently. Back in October 2013, the artist Dubblebaby published a comic in which Garfield devoured the house of its owner.

In September 2018, the user Reddit mnvz published an author’s strip about “Garfield” on the subredite / r / surrealmemes. On the same section gained popularity gif with a cat and the words “Consume lasagna.”

Because of the endless pursuit of satisfying requests that I did not need, I consider my existence to be devoid of both happiness and unhappiness ”/“ Garfold? ”/“ Feed me a homeless child ”

Publications Burke attracted the attention of the Internet and went on Reddit and other social networks. Soon, animator Lumpy Touch created “trailers” based on the artist’s drawings in the style of games for the Gameboy game console and postedvideos on YouTube.

Other horror artists also drew attention to the gloomy Garfield: in February, Omega Black posted three works inspired by the work of Burke.

In October 2018, the community / r / imsorryjon appeared on Reddit , where artists began to publish original works on the subject. At the time of this writing, Subreddit has more than 250,000 subscribers and has attracted media attention . Many works are devoted to the idea of ​​colossality, incomprehensibility, invulnerability of the new form of Garfield.

Users also do not forget about the character traits of the original character: Garfield is lazy, greedy, hates Mondays, likes to climb and mock Odi puppy.
Some works try to arouse horror by exploiting uncertainty, understatement and surreal paths.

“I’m sorry, John. 
Nothing left. 
We ascended ” / u / acousticjhb
u / feclaz26
Tribute-altar from a fan 

/ u / Pommesbunker

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