The French inventor tried to cross the English Channel on a jet hoverboard. Half way down he fell into the water

But “Back to the Future 2” taught that you do not need to use hoverboards over water.

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On July 25, Frankie Zapata, the inventor of the jet hoverboard (or flyboard), tried for the first time to cross the English Channel on his device. He did not work: in the middle of the flight the Frenchman fell into the water.

Zapata was supposed to cross the entire strait in 20 minutes, thereby marking 110 years since the first ever flight across the English Channel. The entire path was supposed to take 35 kilometers at a height of 15-20 meters above the water level, and the speed was about 140 km / h.

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Before the flight, Zapata estimated his chances at about 30%. There was a reason for this: his hoverboard was not adapted for such long flights. Therefore, halfway through, the inventor had to land on the ship’s deck in order to change the 37-kilogram backpack with fuel. It was during the landing on the boat Zapata fell into the water. One of the participants in the experiment noted that the Frenchman did not have enough “a few centimeters” because of the waves to hit the target.

When falling into the water Zapata was not injured. According to him, in the future he will make another attempt.

Frankie Zapata shows a flyboard from 2016: at first he was forbidden to fly in France, but then the authorities went to meet him. In July 2019, the inventor took part in a military parade on the Champs Elysees on Bastille Day – then the device saw a large number of spectators in action.

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