Samsung has strengthened the screen protection Galaxy Fold. The smartphone will go on sale in September

The upper protective layer, after the removal of which the phone failed, can no longer be removed.

Samsung said it has improved the design of the Galaxy Fold smartphone with a flexible display and plans to launch it on the market in September. About the company said in a press release.

Initially, the smartphone was supposed to go on sale in April, but its release was postponed due to numerous complaints of defects. Part of the journalists who received the Galaxy Fold for reviews, tore off the protective film from the screen, after which the phone went down. Samsung said the top layer could not be removed. The problems also occurred when the device was bent at the top and bottom of the display.

The company said it has made a number of improvements since then. Engineers have enhanced screen protection at the site of flexing the device. The upper protective layer now comes behind the front panel – it can not be removed. The case is reinforced to protect the device from external particles and dust. In the upper and lower parts of the loop, protective covers were added, the space between the hinge and the housing was reduced, and additional metal layers were built in under the display.

Loop comparison 
Above – the old version, below – the new one. Samsung

Samsung stressed that it is currently conducting the latest tests. About the countries in which the smartphone will appear in the first place, the company will report immediately before the release. The representative of Samsung confirmed that the price will remain the same: 1,980 dollars .

Galaxy Fold – the first Samsung smartphone with a flexible display

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