Microsoft accidentally released a version of Windows 10 with a new Start menu among testers

The system was designed for the internal workings of the Xbox unit.

Microsoft has mistakenly released a new build of Windows 10 with the number 18947 for members of the Windows Insider program. The system was designed for internal development of the Xbox.

The owners of 32-bit systems were able to upgrade. It has a new Start menu format. In the new version, the company refused to use the “tiles”. More monochrome icons appeared in it.

On the Web, a start menu mode for tablets has appeared.

Windows Insider Program Manager Dona Sarkar told ExtremeTech that the company is already investigating the causes of the leak. Also, company representatives said that users need to roll back the system to a stable version of Windows 10.

The company last showed a new Start menu in early 2019. Then, at its opening, the programs were expanded by a list that was used in more classical versions of the system.

The release date of the update is not disclosed.

This is not the first case of leaks from Microsoft. In 2017, the company released the internal version of Windows 10 for PC and mobile devices. This caused an endless reboot of some devices. The developers quickly corrected their mistake with the help of system recovery.

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