“Yandex” filed a lawsuit against the owners of the brand of chocolate paste Alisa

Now the name of the voice assistant from “Yandex” is written in Cyrillic.

Yandex has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Alisa Chocolate Cream trademark, Moonitor Group. According to Interfax, the third party in the lawsuit indicated Rospatent.

The company “Munitor Group” was registered in March 2014. She owns three trademarks, under which they sell chocolate paste Alisa.

Yandex launched voice assistant Alice in May 2017. The company owns the trademark “Voice Assistant Alice” with a Cyrillic spelling of the name. “Alice” speaks only Russian. On the plans for its promotion in foreign markets in the “Yandex” did not report, said “Interfax”.

“Yandex” voice assistant

Yandex launched its own voice assistant, Alice. In some topics, she already understands the context of the conversation, as well as answers questions about the weather, knows how to create a route and even rap.

You can chat with Alice in the beta version of the Yandex application for Android. Communication is presented in the form of a dialogue, and questions can be asked by voice or by entering text manually.

In the current version, Alice can understand the context of the conversation in some topics and ask clarifying questions. Answers to other offers to search in “Yandex”. Also, the assistant can open several third-party applications.

Alice, like Siri or Google Assistant, has its own Easter eggs. For example, when asked to sing a song, after a brief embarrassment, she cites Oxxxymiron or Boris Grebenshchikov.

The company said that so far they are only testing the “new kind of interface” and will tell more about it after correcting all the flaws. It should happen, they said, within a year.

March 9, Yandex has turned the main application into an alternative to Google Now. The company then noted that the updated application should help solve “everyday tasks.”

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