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Study: “Game of Thrones”, “Sherlock” and “Doctor House” – the most popular TV shows among Russians

62% of respondents watched at least one of the modern foreign TV shows.

The most popular foreign series among Russians is “Game of Thrones”, followed by “Sherlock” and “Dr. House”. This is stated in the results of the study “Levada Center”, which led “Interfax”.

The fourth and fifth places are “Chernobyl” and “Lost” – they were watched by 22% of 1608 respondents from the center. At least one of the modern foreign TV series was watched by 62% of respondents, and 35% do not watch them at all. Men watch “the game of thrones” more often than women – 30% against 24% of respondents, “Doctor House” on the contrary – 28% of women watch it against 20% of men.

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