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In Moscow, Alexey Navalny was detained. The politician went for a run, riot police were waiting for him near the entrance

The reason for the detention has not yet been named.

Moscow police detained Alexei Navalny near his home. A bus with riot policemen met him when a politician went out for a run. This Navalny reported on Instagram.

The politician did not tell why he was detained, but clarified that this was done on the birthday of his wife, whom he was going to buy flowers.

Updated at 11:25 am: Navalny’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, said that the policy was imputed to an uncoordinated action to allow independent candidates to the Moscow City Duma.

They want to bring him to justice under paragraph 8 of Article 20.2, the maximum penalty for which is up to 30 days of arrest. The protocol has not yet been compiled.

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