Guitarist “Cinema” c orchestra performed the song Enter Sandman Metallica album from 1991 the year

Yury Kasparyan called the performance of the “Group of Blood” by American musicians in “Luzhniki” “cool and played from the baldy”.

Yuri Kasparyan, the guitarist of the Kino group, together with the orchestra, performed the song Enter Sandman from the 1991 Metallica album at the concert of his project “Symphonic Cinema”. Video recordings were posted on Facebook.

Two days before, Kasparyan called Metallica’s performance of the “Blood Group” in the Luzhniki Stadium “cool and played from the baldies”.

I began to listen, I realized that they did not work hard to pick up something. Well, from the bald played. Well, it’s still cool, I don’t know, I’m just not a fan of Metallica. I wonder what their motivation was – a tribute to local cultural traditions or they thought that they could not cope with it, they decided to add local stars.

Yuri Kasparyan guitarist of the group “Kino”

On July 21, in the Luzhniki Stadium, the American group Metallica performed the“Blood Group” Tsoi in Russian. The performance of the songs of the musicians of the country in which the concert is being held has become the tradition of the band on the Worldwired tour.

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