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The choir of bears under Adele, Hit or miss, becoming a cowboy and storming the “Zone 51”: 12 main memes of TikTok

Jokes, chellendzhi and flash mobs that have gone beyond one of the most popular applications of the Internet.

TikTok is a Chinese social network with short videos, which in 2019 became a real phenomenon among young people. Popular movie authors become real stars in real life, viral songwriters climb to the top of the Billboard charts, and in other social networks they regularly make selections with “shameful” content from the app.

What is TikTok – a musical social network with short videos, ahead of YouTube and Instagram by the number of downloads

Also TikTok is a place for hundreds and thousands of memes. Some media even write that the creators of the application “re-invented the concept of meme.” And all because the very structure of the social network involves an endless cycle of flash mobs and Challenges. I saw a funny video – and he immediately has the name, the desired hashtag, and even the song, cut off in the right place. It remains only to repeat or develop it, and then “transfer” the flash mob to another.

Because of this, memes on TikTok are born and die several times a day, remembered only by “local” active users. But some ideas become so massive that they go beyond the limits of the application to other social networks. Below are 12 popular memes and flash mobs that originated or developed in TikTok.

Karma is a bitch

In fact, it is a flash mob, which is where the first mentions of TikTok (or rather, its Chinese name Dou Yin) began in the West.  wrote about him in the beginning of 2018: boys and girls abruptly changed the image from “home” to “front” after a phrase from “Riverdale”.

Flashmob was popular in Russia even before TikTok was actively used in the country: videos appeared mainly on Instagram. They started talking about the Chinese social network only a few months later, when it became global.

Adele challenge

One of the most famous Challenges of 2019 began with a video in TikTok with Haribo jelly bears. The idea is simple: under the concert recording of the song Adel “Someone Like You”, the author of the video first showed one bear cub, and then dozens of others who allegedly sang along with him.

First, under the hashtag #haribochallenge (the so-called flash mob in TikTok) hundreds of videos appeared with other characters replacing Adele, and then the Challenge went on Twitter and Instagram. As a result, the flash mob has gone from a Chinese application to Mosgortrans and the VKontakte team.

Hit or miss

This is one of the classic TikTok formats, where users essentially just open their mouths to a song. But the diss rap group iLOVEFRiDAYS on the former porn actress Mia Khalifa became so popular that he was called the unofficial anthem of the social network. So there were more than four million parodies of the composition.

In the US, a flash mob came out in real life: TikTok users began to shout lines from a song in crowded places like shopping centers. If another TikTok user appears in the crowd, he continues the verse.

Yee yee juice

Meme, which in the spring of 2019 brought fame to the previously unknown rapper Lil Nas X and his song “Old Town Road”. Initially, the performer uploaded his track to YouTube with a video from the game Red Dead Redemption 2. In a few months, the video gained about 3 million views (which was already a success for Lil Nas X), but then TikTok played its role in promoting the song.

Users began to reincarnate en masse in cowboys under the “Old Town Road”. For several months, videos with a track in TikTok were watched over 500 million times – and these are only those records where they put the hashtag of the meme. And Lil Nas X in the wake of popularity released a new video for the song and for 14 weeks kept the lead in the top Billboard Hot 100.

Zoom challenge

Another fairly typical format for TikTok, but more viral than dozens of analogues. The meme came from two different elements: the songs “Mickey” by rapper Lil Yahty and the popular tweet video where the girl sits on the floor, imagining that she is in the car, and then she is “taken away” by the legs.

In TikTok they combined it into one challenge – and not only people but also animals participated in it, which caused criticism in social networks.

Dramatic videos about divorce

Not all memes and chellendges in TikTok are funny. In February, Twitter user under the nickname Wild Milk noticed a “very undervalued trend” on dramatic videos dedicated to divorces and partitions. The girl found a whole series of such commercials, where boys and girls, with sad music, either throw rings, or burn marriage certificates, or inspect an empty apartment, from where his wife and children left.

It’s not at all clear whether these are real families or just such cosplay: “Imagine that you are asking your husband for a divorce in tears, then you take the children to your parents, go online and see that your husband will post something like that in the application for 12 year olds.

Fake travel

Travel photos and videos are standard content for traditional social networks like Facebook or Instagram. One of the clichés of such images is a snapshot or movie from an airplane window. But what if you were not going to fly anywhere?

In China and India, they found a way to make “holiday content” without leaving the house – all you need is a beautiful picture and something that will act as a porthole (most often they use bottles with a pipe cleaner). And then it is necessary to reveal the fraud.

Parodies on illustrations with WikiHow

The pictures from the wikiHow instruction articles are a meme in their own right. Strange illustrations by unknown artists have been popular for several years, and there are communities in social networks where they collect such works. Not bypassed this trend and users TikTok.

The essence of chellendzha is simple: you need to drive into Google any question, for example, “How to get to know the guy correctly?”. Then you need to find the appropriate instructions on WikiHow, take a strange illustration from there and repeat it in real life. All this, of course, is filmed.

Hit the woah

New viral dances and separate movements appear every few months with Instagram and YouTube, and almost everybody on TikTok. But one of them has become especially popular in the application – Hit The Woah. The fast and effective movement of fists appeared in 2017, but it was sold out on social networks only two years later.

The essence of the meme was not only the performance of the element at the right time, but also the rule: “make a Woah” is necessary, whatever you do. Therefore, in TikTok you can find a lot of commercials, as people shed or spilled something during the movement, because their hands are busy. In June 2019, the meme had a second application: in the USA and Russia, they massively “did a Woah” for graduations after receiving the dealerships.

Walk a mile

In English, there is an idiom “Walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” which means “Before you judge a person, stay in his skin.” In 2013, this idiom was beaten by Iggy Azalea in the song “ Work ”: “Passed a mile in these Labuteni. But where I come from, this shit is not worn. ” In 2019, an excerpt from the track reached TikTok. And there people showed what kind of “shit” they wear.

Under the lines of the song, users began to invent unusual shoes – from plastic bottles to two cars.

Time traveller

In July, Reddit gained popularity with the “Talk with a Time Traveler” format. According to the structure of the joke, the traveler arrives at one or another period, and then in conversation with the “local” casually gives out some fact about the future. Most often it ends with shock for the interlocutor.

Similar dialogues began to play in TikTok. In this case, the presence of two people in the sketches is optional – all roles can be performed by one user.

Assault on “Zone 51”

The assault on “Zone 51” , which more than 1.5 million people are ready to take on September 20, is the main meme of the summer. About him joking on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in “VKontakte”. It is not surprising that the wave reached TikTok in the form of small sketches.

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