Study: Emoji helps employees build relationships and clarify working correspondence

WSJ advises not to be afraid of emoji in corporate chat rooms. The main thing – do not overdo it, so as not to become a meme hero with Steve Buscemi.

The publication The Wall Street Journal analyzed the use of Emoji in corporate correspondence and came to the conclusion that they do not make the messages less serious, but rather the opposite – they become the key to a clear and concise communication.

People during the evolution have developed a system of non-verbal signals to simplify communication, writes WSJ. For example, a smile or raised eyebrows tell the other person that you are not a threat to him. Marek Novak, an engineer at CircleCI, told the publication that the emoji used at the right time helped him quickly find understanding with people with whom the engineer does not communicate closely, but needs their help and involvement in the problem.

Some companies that use corporate Slack messenger create custom emoji to simplify basic communications. For example, the executive director of Joyride Coffee, Adam Belanik, told the publication that in their corporate correspondence, employees use emoji, which were developed taking into account the core values ​​of the company. Among them – emoji “supporting team” or “do it.”

According to the representative of Slack, messenger users have already created more than 26 million emoji. He also said that one of the messenger user companies had accumulated over 50 thousand custom emoji in the chat. Most of the emoji created for Slack are used in the messenger as reactions.

Emoji “supporting team” and “do it”  Photo by Joyride Coffee for The Wall Street Journal

Emoji processing, because of the presence of eyes and mouth – the main features of the face for transmitting emotions – affects the same areas of the brain as the treatment of faces, said Colombian researchers based on measurements of electrical brain activity. According to scientists, the skillful and moderate use of emoji can lead to a better degree of communication on the Internet.

At the University of Hong Kong, after studying 50 studies on business communications, scientists concluded that using emoji in corporate correspondence improves interpersonal relationships among employees and promotes concise and clear communication.

Ella Glikson, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, argues that despite the obvious benefits of emoji, their improper and excessive use or ignorance of the local “emoji language” can expose a person to frivolous or incompetent. Belanik also warns members of corporate chats against the inept use of emoji, so as not to seem like a meme hero with Steve Buscemi “How do you do, fellow kids?”.

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