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Japan protested to Moscow and Seoul for the incident with planes over the Sea of Japan

Earlier, South Korea reported a violation of airspace by a Russian bomber.

Japan expressed dissatisfaction with the conflict between Russia and South Korea in the airspace over the Sea of ​​Japan. According to RIA Novosti, the Japanese government stated that this territory belongs to them and similar conflicts on it are unacceptable.

On the morning of July 23, South Korean authorities reported a violation of airspace by a Russian bomber. According to them, the ship twice invaded the country’s airspace in the area of ​​the Dokdo Islands. As a result, fighters who fired warning shots were raised.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied Seoul’s statement about the airspace violation and warning shots. In their opinion, the South Korean pilots tried unsuccessfully to prevent the flight of Russian pilots. They also noted that in the case of firing from the South Korean armed forces, “the answer would not keep itself waiting.”

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