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Fan Keanu Reeves put up the poster “You are awesome” near the set. He noticed and added “You are amazing”

Thus, Keanu reproduced one of the most popular memes to himself.

Keanu Reeves is one of the most beloved actors of the Internet: first of all, he is loved for his numerous “amazing actions”, which even the section on Reddit is devoted to. And in July, a new story about Reeves broke out in the media and social networks that happened to him during the filming.

In the summer, the actor is working on the third part of “The Adventures of Bill and Ted” – in the first film, Keanu was shot back in 1989. A frame from it became the basis for the suspect Keanu meme. 30 years later, the actor returned to the role of a matured Ted.

From loneliness to universal love: the story of Keanu Reeves in memes 

Filming takes place in the small town of Slidell, Louisiana. And the American Stacy Hunt, an old fan of Reeves, realized that the set was located about a block from her house, and the whole cast of Bill and Ted passes by every day.

On the advice of her 16-year-old son, Hunt put up a poster in front of the house with the signature “You’re breathtaking” (“You are terrific”). This is a reference to the situation with Kean, which occurred at the exhibition E3 2019. Reeves came on the scene to represent the game Cyberpunk 2077 and called the project “amazing.” In response, someone from the audience shouted: “This is you awesome.” The actor did not lose his head and shouted: “No, you are amazing, you are all amazing!”.

A few hours after installing the sign near the house Hunt the car stopped. People came out of it and began to inspect the inscription. At some point, a woman realized that among them was Keanu Reeves. Hunt, told CNN that she came to the car, and the actor asked if she could sign the poster. To the phrase “You are awesome,” he added his own: “Stacy, you are awesome.”

The truth of the story was confirmed by the writer of “Bill and Ted” Ed Solomon, who was traveling with Reeves on the set. According to him, Keanu himself saw the poster and decided to stop.

Reeves finally took a picture with the children of the woman and left. “The fact that you read about Keanu and his big heart is true. In any case, it seemed to me in a few minutes spent with him, ”Hunt recalled in a conversation with journalists.

Now in the courtyard of Stacy hanging a sign that says “Thank you, Keanu.”

Thus, Keanu Reeves actually repeated the moment from the game show, which became the basis for many memes.

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