Boris Johnson became the head of the conservative party of Great Britain

The former mayor of London and a supporter of the speedy Brexit should become the country's prime minister.

Boris Johnson Photo Luke MacGregor — Bloomberg / Getty Images

The British conservatives have chosen a new leader. They became the former mayor of London Boris Johnson, who also headed the British Foreign Ministry. It is expected that after receiving the queen, he will become the country’s prime minister.

After several rounds of debate, two candidates remained – incumbent Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and former Boris Johnson. Voting took place by mail: ballots were sent to ordinary party members in early July. More than 159 thousand voters voted for Johnson, over 92 thousand voted for Hunt.

Johnson will be officially Prime Minister on Wednesday afternoon. His predecessor, Theresa May, must report on her work in the House of Commons and to the Queen. Then Johnson will come to Buckingham Palace, where he will receive official approval as the prime minister.

In his victory speech, Johnson promised to unite Britain, implement Brexit (exit from the European Union) and defeat Labor leader Jeremy Corbin, reports the BBC.

Johnson is a supporter of the early exit of Britain from the European Union. He statedthat he would complete Brexit at all costs by October 31 – even if he had to suspend parliament for the sake of it.

Brexit is considered one of the most important foreign policy steps of Great Britain over 40 years. This topic was one of the most discussed during the debate.

Johnson’s position provoked a negative reaction among several ministers. Even before the announcement of the results, several British officials said they would step down if Johnson was elected.

Theresa May announced her resignation as prime minister on June 7. She explained that she could not cope with the process of the country’s exit from the EU on time: the British voted for Brexit back in 2016. 51.89% of citizens voted for the exit. By 2019, opinion polls showed that now the majority would vote against the exit. Uncertainty about the date and conditions of Brexit led to a split in society and among politicians .

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