The Washington Post: Huawei helped the North Korean authorities create a Koryolink wireless data network

US investigates Huawei’s connection with Pyongyang from 2016

The American newspaper The Washington Post told about the possible cooperation of the Chinese company Huawei and the government of North Korea. It is reported that, according to documents received from former employees of Huawei, the Chinese technology giant has helped the DPRK authorities to build their own Koryolink wireless network for data transmission.

It is assumed that Huawei, together with Panda International Information Technology, is working on a number of projects with the government of North Korea. The parties have been cooperating with each other for more than eight years. If the information is confirmed, the company will be accused of violating the rules for the use of US technology when supplying products to the DPRK.

The Washington Post reporters stressed that the US Department of Commerce is investigating the company’s possible links with Pyongyang since 2016. For all the time the agency did not find evidence.

On May 16, 2019, the United States added Huawei to the black list of companies with which American companies were forbidden to cooperate. This limited the possibilities of cooperation with Google, IBM, Qualcomm and other companies.

June 30, Donald Trump lifted restrictions and allowed to resume negotiations with a Chinese company. The Commerce Department did not comment on the status of Huawei in the United States.

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