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The first trailer of the series “Through the Snow”

By the same comic book “Through the Snow” (La Transperceneige) by Jacques Loeb and Jean-Marc Roche in 1982, which is the 2014 Pon Joon Ho movie.

Trailer of the series “Through the Snow” in English

The series has a difficult fate: initially the executive producer of the project was Josh Friedman, who wrote the script for the pilot series. Scott Derrikson (“Doctor Strange”, “The Day When the Earth Has Stopped”, etc.) took it off. According to Derrickson, Friedman’s 72-page script was the best of all he had read in his entire career.

But then Friedman was replaced by the creator of “Dark Child” (Orphan Black) Graham Manson, who did not like the footage. Derrikson, in turn, flatly refused to engage in re-filming, and soon he was replaced by James Khose, who had previously directed the episodes of Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, etc. One can only guess what was left from the original script as a result.

The plot, apparently, does not differ from the above-mentioned picture: after the onset of the ice age due to a technological catastrophe, the survivors gather in a giant train that rushes along the international ring railway. As in the big world, passengers are divided into social classes: richer in the front cars, poorer at the tail of the train. From time to time the poor organize rebellions that are brutally suppressed. However, they do not intend to give up, seeing for themselves the chance of a better life.

The main roles in the aforementioned 2014 film were Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris. In the series, the roles were played by Jennifer Connelly, David Diggs and Allison Wright. The date of the premiere on TBS is still unknown.

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