Metallica performed Tsoi’s Blood Group in Russian during a concert in Moscow

And the Luzhniki began to sing along.

On July 21, the American group Metallica performed at the Luzhniki Stadium. During the concert, the musicians played not only their own songs, but also sang the “Blood Group” of the Kino group. Text in Russian sang bassist Robert Trujillo.


The performance of the songs of the musicians of the country in which the concert is being held has become the tradition of the band on the Worldwired tour. For example, in Norway they performed Take on me of the A-ha group.

In the Czech Republic – “Yozhin with Bazhin”.

In Sweden – Dancing Queen of the Abba group.

The Worldwired tour is held in support of the album Hardwired … To Self-Destruct. It was released on November 18, 2016 and debuted in the first place of the American hit parade of the Billboard 200 for the 6th time in the career of Metallica. Rolling Stone magazine included it in the list of the 20 best metal albums in 2016

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