India launched an orbital station to the moon with a lunar rover. It is planned to land at the unexplored south pole of the satellite

If the mission succeeds, India will become the fourth country to land on a satellite.


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Monday successfully launched the Chandrayan-2 orbital station to the Moon. The launch of the lunar expedition was postponed several times: for the first time the rocket was planned to be launched in April 2018.@Lorengrush video

@Lorengrush video

Landing on the moon will occur on September 6 or 7. The cost of the mission is estimated at 150 million dollars.

If the Chandrayana-2 mission proves successful, India will become the fourth country after the United States, the USSR and China that has managed to land on the Moon.

Pragyan lunar rover is equipped with solar panels. It is expected that he will work at least one lunar day (14 Earth days). At this time, Pragyan will collect satellite surface composition data. The orbital module should work in orbit around the Earth’s satellite for about a year.

India’s first lunar expedition, Chandrayaan 1, took place in 2008. The vehicles did not land on the satellite – the orbital module conducted the first thorough check of the Moon for the presence of water using radar.

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