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Canadian police randomly showed on Facebook a press conference on double-killing with the cat filter on

The investigation report was weakly combined with characteristic ears and a mustache — the agency later apologized for that.

Canadian police are investigating the murder of a young couple traveling by car through British Columbia. A 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were found shot dead near a van, and after checking the circumstances of the crime, they were considered “suspicious.” But the press conference with the first results of the investigation was more remembered by the fact that the police accidentally turned on a “cat” filter on Facebook during the broadcast.

July 19 from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police acted sergeant Zhanel Shoye. She asked for help the investigation of all those who saw in the middle of July the van of the murdered couple. Shoye stressed that it is still unclear whether the murder was spontaneous or someone was specifically looking for travelers.

But those who followed the press conference on Facebook saw cat ears on the head of a sergeant, and a cat nose and mustache on his face. The journalist of the local publication National Post shared his shot from the broadcast, and he posted on social networks. Despite the reason for the conference – a double murder – jokes appeared in the comments. But there were those who noted the “unethical” use of the filter in such a situation.

A strong start to the marketing campaign of the musical “Cats”

Even during the press conference, Canadian police noticed the filter and restarted the broadcast already without ears and mustache. Later, representatives of the department apologized , citing the fact that the “cat” filter was on Facebook by default.

We wanted to provide access to the press conference via social networks, but faced with technological problems. But regrettable, but our actions were unintended. We hope that such attention to the incident will help in disclosing the case and attracting assistance.

Janelle Cheuye

Canadian Mounted Police Representative

This is not the first such case lately. In June, Pakistani politician Shaukat Yusafzai held a press conference, broadcasting it on Facebook. And the included filter also “turned” it into a cat.

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