Google will pay 11 million dollars in a collective claim of age discrimination

Each claimant will receive 35 thousand dollars, lawyers – 2.75 million.

Google has agreed to pay $ 11 million, as part of a discrimination lawsuit against applicants aged. According to Bloomberg, each of the 227 plaintiffs will receive 35 thousand dollars. Lawyers representing them will receive $ 2.75 million.

The lawsuit against the company was filed by a woman who over the past seven years tried to get on Google four times, but was refused to be accepted into the company despite her qualifications. The company claims that they did not consciously reject her candidacy, but agreed to meet the demands of the plaintiffs aged 40 years and older.

The court also ordered Alphabet Inc. conduct training for age-related prejudices among employees and managers, and create a committee dealing with age-related diversity in recruitment.

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