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VKontakte confirmed the work on the Lovina dating service, and also opened pre-order and registration for users

A couple can be found with the help of video calls or video histories.

Image of the VKontakte press service

VKontakte has officially confirmed and announced the Lovina dating app . Its users will be able to communicate through video calls and video histories, told the press service of the company.

You can search for a couple in the application without registering with VKontakte. The user who filled in the questionnaire will be offered the most appropriate interlocutors. They can be found in two ways:

  • View profiles. In case of mutual sympathy, a chat is created. If, within 48 hours, the interlocutors do not decide on the video story or video call, the dialogue will disappear;
  • Carousel video calls. Users can switch from one call to another and choose with whom they would like to continue communication.

The authors promise that the application will not advertise, but Lovina provides additional paid features. Specific monetization systems are not yet called.

Users can register using the chat bot in the Lovina community , as well as pre-order on the App Store or Google Play . For registration, they will receive a free premium account for a month, which will begin to operate on the day of the official launch of the application.

That “VKontakte” is working on a dating service, users pay attention to July 17. Representatives of the social network then told that they could not comment on this publication.

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