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The owner of the public in “VKontakte” is faced with a limit of photo storage. Social network required to delete old pictures

It turned out that not an infinite number of photos can be uploaded to public.

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Creator of the community “Car Market | Yaroslavl Kostroma Ivanovo ”Vladimir Skulovich, known under the pseudonym Blogerpapa, faced the limit of uploading photos to his own public. The social network required to remove some of the old pictures due to the end of free space. This is the owner of the public told .

According to Skulovich, his community was one of the first car markets in VKontakte, and users still constantly publish car ads in it. Because of this, every day public rests on the limit on the number of posts: earlier in 150 entries per day, and now in 50 per day. Each entry usually consists of a description of the car and 4-5 of its photos.

A week ago, we discovered a pop-up window in the full version of the site. We were faced with a choice: either we delete old photos, or new ones in the community will not be published soon. For a second, I imagined that now I’ll manually do the rubbing of irrelevant content five years ago.

Vladimir Skulovichcreator of the community «Car market | Yaroslavl Kostroma Ivanovo “

Skulovich closed the notice, after which the site suggested deleting pictures automatically. The owner of the public agreed not to face restrictions for new shots.

According to Skulovich, the photo was deleted not only on the group’s wall, but also in albums and comments. He noted that he was not able to calculate how many pictures were missing from the records, however, according to his estimates, over the entire period of existence, users published about 500 thousand pictures only on the wall.

I don’t know how many posts were deleted, I didn’t guess to detect it, but I wasn’t offered to choose photos to be shot – probably the oldest ones destroyed. Even a pity: now I wonder what kind of car first hit the bulletin board.

Vladimir Skulovich

The social networks told that they were asking to remove content only in public “with a very large number of photos.” Representatives of “VKontakte” explained that we are talking about “hundreds of thousands of pictures”, but did not specify a specific number.

This type of warning for community administrators appeared in 2017. They appear only in public with a very large number of photos. A warning means that a place in the community will end soon.

In such cases, the support team helps to quickly free up space for new photos. Photos are deleted only after contacting Support, we do not automatically clean anything.

VKontakte press service

The press service of the social network also said that the problem is not in the volume of files, but among “entities”. According to representatives of “VKontakte”, the restriction exists due to the peculiarities of the database with meta-information of images.

Because of the large number of database content units, metadata is clogged, because along with each photo a certain amount of information is stored – the user id, who uploaded it, in which album and in which group the image is stored, fill time, etc.

In order for our services to work quickly, this information needs to be stored in special database structures. They actively consume processor resources and RAM.

VKontakte press service

The company noted that only a few dozen groups close to half a million photographs could face the limit for the time being. Representatives of the press service explained that the restriction also helps fight spammers.

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