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Meme: 9 out of 10 dentists recommend

The eternal irony over the “authoritative” advertisements of toothbrushes and toothpastes, retold using dozens of templates.

“Nine out of ten dentists recommend this particular toothpaste / brush,” – this stamp was previously found in many advertisements. The reason is simple: what is the best way to encourage a person to buy Colgate, and not Blend-a-med? Of course, enlist the support of professionals.

The problem is that there were too many such advertising slogans – and all of them were from different brands. Why do they and the same dentists recommend different toothpastes and brushes, then what is the difference? Back in 2006, the author of the New York Post responded to this with an ironic column.

Every tenth dentist does not recommend toothpaste, which I advertise. What do they know about her? What is hidden? Do literacy recommend nine out of ten teachers? Do nine out of ten psychiatrists recommend a good day?

According to the US Department of Labor, in 2004, there were 160,000 dentists in the country. That is, 16 thousand of them do not recommend this paste? I am not ready to risk so much the health of my teeth.

from New York Post

In 2007, the British supervisory authority banned Colgate advertising with the approval of nine out of ten dentists. Agency staff found that the company made the slogan based on telephone surveys. That is, the statement sounds more like “Nine out of ten dentists consider Colgate toothpaste to be good” and not “Nine out of ten dentists consider Colgate to be better than other brands.”

A representative of the British Dental Council then stressed: “Dentists recommend toothpastes based on their knowledge of the condition of the human oral cavity. What matters is not the brand, but the components that the products contain. ”

In 2014, Colgate itself beat up its advertising by launching the slogan “Five out of five dentists recommend not to bite people.”

It is impossible to say for sure when a phrase from an advertisement has become a full-fledged meme. But in social networks you can still find jokes playing around a slogan.

Random toothpaste – one dentist – the rest of the dentists

Nine out of ten dentists when they see a new toothbrush on the market

Many are more concerned about the fate of that same tenth dentist.

One doctor who didn’t approve Colgate toothpaste – the other nine dentists

One in ten dentists: * does not recommend Colgate *. 
Colgate: “Then you die” 

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