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Instagram will begin to warn about the possible deletion of the account for breaking the rules. The user can appeal the decision

In the warning, the social network will show posts for which it is going to ban the account, as well as the reasons for the upcoming deletion.

Instagram will warn the user that he is going to ban his account and tell about the reasons for the possible removal of the page. This was reported by the company in its blog.

The social network will begin to send users notifications with a list of publications, comments and stories that are deleted for breaking the rules. The administration will also report the reasons for removing the content.

Notification Instagram about violation of social network rules

The user will be able to appeal the decision of the social network in the notification. At first, this procedure will be available for remote publications with pornography, harassment and harassment, hostile statements and the sale of drugs. Instagram will expand this list in the coming months. If the publication was deleted by mistake, the administration of the social network will restore the post and remove the violation record from the account history.

Now the social network deletes accounts for a certain percentage of illegal content. Now the company will also begin to block pages that break the rules for a certain period of time. The company notes that the changes will help them quickly find and delete accounts that have violated the rules several times.

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