Huawei: Hongmeng operating system is not designed to replace Android

The company plans to continue to use the operating system from Google in their phones.

Snapshot of Edgar Su, Reuters

Huawei senior vice president Katherine Chen said that Hongmeng’s operating system is not designed to replace Android. This was reported by Xinhua.

Chen clarified that this system is designed for smart devices and industrial applications, it can process a small amount of data. According to her, the development of Hongmeng began long before the discussions that Huawei began to look for an alternative to Android.

A week before the news, Chen Huawei chairman Liang Hua said that the company had not yet decided whether Hongmeng would be working on the smartphone operating system and whether it would become a replacement for Android. In case Google forbids Huawei to use Android, the Chinese company will have to start developing a new ecosystem.

On May 16, the US Commerce Department banned US companies from working with Huawei due to concerns that Chinese intelligence services might use technology. After that, contractors, including Google and ARM , began to publicly sever relations with the Chinese corporation. June 30, Trump allowed US companies to sell Huawei equipment.

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