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Furry-fantasy, Snapchat-filter instead of CGI and cats with breasts: how the Internet met the movie trailer for the musical “Cats”

Taylor Swift and Idris Elba with the help of special effects turned into humanoid cats. In social networks to this were not ready.

Taylor Swift in the movie “Cats”

July 18 came the first trailer for the movie “Cats”, based on the eponymous Broadway musical. The picture was taken with the use of motion capture technology – social networks immediately had questions about the graph. Twitter users were horrified by the humanlike cats with the faces of Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and Jennifer Hudson, were surprised by the strange proportions of animals and recalled the memes resembling a new project.

The original Broadway musical was staged by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Most of the songs he took from the book by Thomas Storns Eliot “Popular science of cats, written by the Old Possum”, which tells about the stereotypical characters of cats like too active at night or destroying everything around.

Webber was a fan of the children’s book and in the 1970s began to put poems to music. Because of the poetic source, the musical does not have a whole plot: the project consists entirely of songs, and part of the story is told through dance. “Cats” debuted in 1981 and received the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical.

The film “Cats” was staged by director Tom Hopper, best known for the tapes “King Says” and “Les Miserables”. The cast includes Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Williams, James Corden and Jason Derulo. The premiere of the painting is scheduled for December 20, 2019.

The action of the musical takes place in one night. Cats gather in a landfill and tell about themselves with the help of songs. Everyone sings about why he should get into the equivalent of a cat’s paradise.

Trailer for the movie “Cats”

The film does not use makeup and costumes. Wool, tails, whiskers, and ears were added in post-production. “This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. This is not an animation. This is not a motion capture. This is filmed with the help of some new technology that was not used before. They added tails to us that move naturally, ” said Taylor Swift, who plays the role of Bombalurin.

Webber himself has confirmed that “they have such a technology … Which is not CGI, but turns you into a cat. You know that this is Taylor Swift … But she is a cat. ” However, in April 2019, the CinemaCon presented a voice-over video in which the actors wore costumes for motion capture technology. “We had such a joke, which was called“ Cat School ”. There we were trained to move, think, feel space and act like cats. I learned a lot, ”recalled Swift.

In social networks, the trailer immediately reacted negatively – they began to react with pictures of meme cats, to be frightened by the schedule of the musical and to compare it with “fan-art of furry”, as well as with filters from Snapchat.

Cats: Expected Audience Response and Real Audience Response
Twitter’s visual representation after the “Cats” trailer came out

The Cat Trailer looks like it was shot on Snapchat

Absolutely None

Many were amazed at the strange proportions of cats – animals seem too small, but at the same time too large. Others were surprised at the presence of human breasts in cats, and still others noted the strange choice of clothes for the characters – the heroine Judi Dench was wearing a fur coat.

I have seen a lot of cats in my life, but I have never seen a cat whose tail sticks out of its ass.

How does clothing work in Cats?

Proportions. They are not correct. How small should the mice be in this hilarious, if it’s a mousetrap? How huge are the cats? And why are the candles so small?

Cats are too small! I repeat, cats are too small!

Sincere question: when the “cats” in the “Cats” trailer wear fur coats, like Judy Dench, do you think this is their own wool, or do they wear the fur of other animals that they took off their fur and turned into clothes?

I do not know why you are all amazed at the miniature, but at the same time, huge cats with celebrity faces and sexy breasts who dance the insane ballet for children

However, some did not agree with the opinion of the “weirdness” of the characters and reminded them of how the characters looked in the original musical.

All these people who say, “God, these celebrities look like cats, it’s so strange as if they missed the filter lol.” / Do they look weird? Obviously, you never watched “Cats”

Another CGI in the film reminded cats of medieval painting – Twitter decided that the filmmakers were inspired by creepy animals painted in the XV century.

The new trailer for the movie “Cats” looks great

“Inverted bouquet” (1660-1679 years) and “Cats” (2019). For 350 years, we did not understand what a cat’s face looks like?

The creators of “Cats” have ever seen 1) a cat or 2) the musical “Cats” or they looked at these medieval paintings and decided that it would come down

Users also began to compare characters from the trailer with insane memes, the image of Sonic from the upcoming tape and other films and TV shows, where the characters changed into cats.

James Corden in “Cats” looks like a shadow of “Cat in the hat”

Damn Doctor Who 15 years ago did a better job with humanoid cats than a $ 200 million musical

One energy

Cats (2019)

Cats (2019)

None: / Cats Movie:

Why do people in Cats look like these freaks from the Mirror Mask?

I knew hell I already saw the Cats trailer.

Trailer “Cats” looks great

The new film “Cats” looks great

Titus was stolen from his rightful place in the movie “Cats”

“The Lion King” explains to Cats how important it is for CGI animals to look like animals

None: / Cats Trailer:

I quickly opened Photoshop after the Cats trailer

Someone even put the “Annihilation” soundtrack instead of encouraging music from the trailer.

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