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Will the plot appear in PUBG? Watch the fourth season trailer

The fourth season of the popular “royal battle” comes out on July 24, and on its eve the developers rolled out a new game trailer. In it, we do not so much learn about the features of the new season, as we see transparent hints on, however strange it may sound, the plot of PUBG.

The trailer tells the story of a boy who in 1965 became the only survivor after a massive attack on his homeland – Erangel Island. It was he, when he grew up, and organized the very “royal battle”, the members of which are PUBG players. Now the organizer helps fighters find “their true nature” through deadly battles.

In addition to introducing a piece of in-game lora, the trailer prepares players for the Erangel map to change. The developers have reworked several locations on the map, including the power station, Sosnovka and Horn. In addition, the fourth season should give the game improved matchmaking and anti-cheat, as well as new ways of customization.

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