What is interesting about Ed Shiran’s album “No.6 Collaborations Project”, in which he gathered famous artists from different genres

The British singer brought Eminem and 50 Cent together on one track and also experimented with Bruno Mars and Skrillex.

What is interesting about Ed Shiran’s album “No.6 Collaborations Project”, in which he gathered famous artists from different genres
Ed Sheeran at a concert in Riga on July 12 @teddysphotos

On July 12, Ed Sheeran released the No.6 Collaborations Project , which consists of his collaborations with other artists. It took three months to create the album in the Nashville Music Studio (USA). In honor of the release of “No.6 Collaborations Project” Ed Sheeran opened several pop-up stores in 23 countries around the world, where you can buy exclusive merch.

Even before the contract with Atlantic Records, in 2011, Sheeran released the EP “No. 5 Collaborations Project”, which included eight tracks with impressive British rappers. Since then, the singer wanted to release a similar release. Already on the label it turned out , only immediately with 22 artists close to him. According to Rolling Stone magazine , the album “takes us back to those days when legal issues and commercial pressure have not complicated the collaboration of the label and the musician”.

During the whole year, while I was on tour, every time I met someone whose work I liked, I said: “Let’s go to the studio”.

Ed sheeranmusician, quote by rolling stone

Since then, he said , he participated in the work of other musicians, but did not attract co-authors for his album. As Sheeran himself says, the project “No.6 Collaborations Project” gave him the opportunity to express respect for the artists he admires now. “I am a fan of the musicians with whom I recorded this collection,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Nine artists from the album “No.6 Collaborations Project” are associated with the label Atlantic Records, or with its subsidiaries Warner Records and Big Beat. According to the author of Rolling Stone, the joint work of the musician and his label partners became a chance to introduce Shiran’s more adult audience to the music of his colleagues. However, the Washington Post edition compares the duets of popular artists with a deal and a merger of brands to increase revenue. In addition to the self-confident rap Shiran, there is nothing unexpected on the album, notes WP.

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All 15 tracks from the album differ to some extent in style: from acoustic ballad ( Best Part Of Me” ) to simple hip hop ( “ Antisocial ”), from rock (“ Blow ”) to lyrics ( “Take Me Back to London “ ). According to TheGuardian , this variation of genres allows Sheeran to gain an understanding of what people want to hear.

In the album, Ed wants to look into Camila Cabello’s brown eyes (“mmm, brown eyes of Camila Cabello”) and sing the words “Te amo, mami” as much as possible in British. Ed wants the “unjust world to know that white amateur multi-millionaires should be allowed to rap” and wants to invite Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton to his cosplay garage on Lenny Kravitz. Ed wants Ed gets!

from the Washington Post

Now Ed Sheeran is on a world tour. The musician is still the most popular artist on Spotify , with more than 65 million listeners per month around the world. This summer, the singer will perform in Russia for the first time: on July 19 he will give a stadium concert in Moscow.

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