US senator asked the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to check the Russian application FaceApp

The politician believes that the photo processing application is a threat to the national security of the States.

Sumer’s request to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate of the US Congress, Chuck Schumer, asked the FBI and the US Federal Trade Commission to check the Russian PhotoApp photo processing application. About this he told on Twitter.

It would be extremely disturbing if confidential data of American citizens were provided to a hostile state that conducts cyber operations against US interests.Chuck Schumersenator

The senator noted that users provide the application with full access to personal information. Since FaceApp is owned by a Russian company, Schumer is concerned about the security of such data and is not sure that they will not pass them on to a third party, including other governments.

Schumer asked the FBI to check the likelihood that the Americans’ data would go to the Russian government or related structures. The Federal Trade Commission, in his opinion, should warn US residents about the dangers of using the application.

Even before the statement, the senator, FaceApp developers said that they do not transfer any user data to third parties. According to them, all the functions of the application are available without registration and login, so developers simply do not receive most of the data for user identification.

A flash mob with aging faces in FaceApp reached the USA. They thought about data security due to Russian applicationroots . 

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